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The Helpful SEO Company


Our philosophy is to be as helpful as possible in everything we do. This translates as helping our clients meet their needs, helping charities and non-profit organisations in any capacity we can, and helping any other organisation that reaches out to us.


How we Help Charities and Non-Profit Organisations


We are a socially responsible SEO company. 10% of our profits go to charities and non-profit organisations whose causes we support and wish to promote. For an overview of the projects and organisations we currently donate to, see our Social Responsibility page.
We also offer discounts on SEO services to organisations who work for good causes, and are open to providing free advice to these organisations. For any further questions on this, please get in touch.


How we Help our Clients


We help our clients through providing an honest, high-quality service and never sacrificing quality. We work according to our main values.


The reason why honesty is one of our core values is that particularly in the SEO world, dishonesty hurts everyone. There are many ‘SEO’ companies that promote misconceptions, and actively mislead their clients, in order to get a quick gain. It is very easy, and very common, to promise miracles in SEO. This hurts the customer when they have been promised miracles, and have paid for miracles, and then do not see the results. It also hurts the SEO industry as a whole, since this promotes distrust in SEO as a practice, and leads those who have been mislead to conclude that SEO is not worthwhile. We are always completely honest from the beginning, which leads to both parties being on equal ground from the outset. This moreover leads to trust and cooperation, which is vital to move forward in developing the right SEO strategy for our client.


For us, diligence encompasses a number of aspects about why we do SEO at all and what motivates us. Firstly, we take on work so that we can do it well. A huge and necessary part of doing anything is the drive to be good at it, and for us this is rewarding in itself. Therefore, we strive to do everything in our power to help a project on its way, and moreover for the results to be exceptional. Secondly, we see enthusiasm as an another essential aspect of any pursuit. With enthusiasm and enjoyment in work, those doing the work are satisfied, and the results come easily and naturally. Lastly, we see dedication as tantamount to our, and our clients’, success.


SEO is never a one-size-fits-all solution. Finding the right path to improving visibility for your website requires insight, which comes only from a deep understanding of how our customer’s business, organisation or website works, as well as how search engines work. It’s really important for us to first listen to your situation and hear your expertise and ideas. This is invaluable knowledge that only you have. From there, we can start to come up with a plan that takes advantage of your strengths and unique opportunities, and that will help you reach the audience you wish to reach.