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The Client


Our client was an international branding and packaging design company.

The Challenge

Our client were looking to improve the targeting of their websites to their key audiences. They had produced SEO and content campaigns in the past, but these had failed to bring in traffic that converted.

What We Did



Audit and Questionnaire
We started by interviewing our client thoroughly, to gain insights on what type of customer they were looking to attract, what campaigns they had previously done, and what had not previously worked. We then analysed their website in order to add to the data from the questionnaire, and build a picture of where to start targeting.
Market Research and Content Development
Having a clearer picture of the types of audiences our client wished to reach, and the audiences they were currently reaching, we then began research on areas of potential, using keyword research and content listening tools. This allowed us to develop broad areas of high potential, that we could start creating keyword researched content around.
Keyword Research & Content Development
We then finalised our article topic areas, and conducted more specific keyword research per article, in order to generate the most visits per article. We created content according to our strict guidelines, in order to make sure it ranked as highly as possible.
Reporting and Analysis
We checked in on the project daily, and reported weekly to see whether our campaigns were targeting the right results. We used the data received to adjust our campaigns slightly where necessary.




SEO Case Study Graph 2



After the end of the campaign, we saw a huge uplift in the amount of conversions, which was due to the fact that we’d produced content which targeted our ideal customer base. We achieved:
  • A 505% increase in overall traffic
  • A 452% increase in new visitors to the website
  • A 322% increase in conversions

Further Information


For more information on the above services and what they include, please see our full list of SEO services.


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