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Case Study: Website Audit and SEO

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The Client


Our client was the largest manufacturer and distributor of their product in the field of health foods.

The Challenge

Our client had recently launched a new website for a completely new brand, but in 6 months had not received any traffic. They were looking to increase the number of visits coming from all channels, and in particular organic search.

What We Did



SEO Audit
We started by looking into their website, to see if there were any particular advantages that could be used or if there were any technical problems interfering with indexing. We found that a lot of the pages included either i) Old, irrelevant products ii) Duplicate content of other pages iii) Thin content which didn’t target any keywords.
Technical SEO
We next cleaned up the old pages, removing them where necessary or redirecting to new and similar products. We further improved the site architecture, cleaned up the URLs to make the website easier for search engines to understand and index.
Keyword Research & Content Development
We then decided to tackle the thin and duplicate content. We first conducted keyword research to find out which terms were most valuable for the client for the existing pages. We then set out a plan and created bi-weekly informational, keyword targeted content which both improved the SEO performance of the website, and increased brand awareness and engagement for the client
Link Building
Once our content was being regularly produced, we began to publish on social media our new informational articles, and contacted bloggers and interested parties to share and link to the content.




SEO Case Study Graph 1



After 2 months of conducting our plan, we already began to see improvements in traffic from search engines, social media sites and other websites. After 6 months the results were significant, and the number of leads generated were beyond the client’s expectations:
  • A 693% increase in overall traffic
  • A 550% increase in new visitors to the website
  • A 436% increase in conversions

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