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About Multilingual SEO and Content Creation

Quite often companies are looking to more than just attract visitors from their home country. They are looking to internationalise and bring customers from different markets across the world. One of the best ways to ensure this is by having an SEO and content strategy that is multilingual, and targets multiple countries. By reaching audiences in different countries, you can start to build a customer base that was once unreachable to you. We make multilingual SEO and content easy, and provide a high quality end product in a variety of different languages.

The Languages We Work With


English Spanish French Portuguese Italian Dutch German Russian Polish Lithuanian

Included in our Multilingual SEO and Content Process



Below are some of the things we do as part of our multilingual SEO service. Click any of the items to read more about what it involves.

Keyword Research in Multiple Languages

We conduct keyword research in multiple languages and multiple countries. This involves looking at search data for the target country AND language. This is important to ensure that your content reach your chosen audience. For instance, if you wish to target Belgian audiences, producing Dutch and French keywords is not sufficient. You must instead research French keyword data for and Dutch (Flemish) keyword data for

Content Production in Different Language

We can produce in-depth content from scratch in any of the languages listed on this page. We use a network of high-quality copywriters that can produce content of a high standard. We also use strict guidelines for content creation, to make sure maximum SEO impact is reached.

Translation and Proofreading

We can also translate initial content from an original master copy (normally English) into your required language. This is useful if you’d like the same piece of content produced in multiple languages.

Content and SEO Guidelines

We have strict guidelines for creating content which ensures what we produce has a large impact and meets a high quality. These detail rules on how much to write, image quality, keyword usage, and more. Our method ensures the highest quality end product, especially when creating content in multiple languages.

Determine target Audiences

In order to bring in the right visitors to your site, you first need to know who those visitors are. It’s important to get an idea of what types of people you’d ideally want to attract to your website, so that the keyword research and content can be made to suit those searchers’ needs. We want to know here what are the countries or languages that you want to reach.

Competitor Reserach

What types of terms do your competitors already rank for? This is a key question to ask which will help to generate ideas for content to create and keywords to target. 

Discuss and Develop Tone of Content

Now that you’ve a basic idea of what your audience are discussing and searching for, you can now discuss the tone that your content will start to take. We like to do this in partnership with our client, so that we develop a voice that fits their ideas too.

Content Creation Schedule

We set out a schedule with our clients and agree on how much content will be produced and in what time frame. This ensures we meet targets from the clients perspective, but also our own targets which ensure we reach maximum SEO potential.

Continuous Content Monitoring

It’s good practice to keep an eye on the impact of your created content and how visitors are interacting with it. We provide regular reporting so that our client can see the results.


How Does Our Multilingual SEO and Content Service Work?

The above steps will be completed by us, and we’ve refined our processes so that it’s as simple for you as possible. We first get your input on the initial ideas of target audiences and possible search terms, and the remaining steps are carried out on our own. We try to get as much knowledge from our client from the outset, as this invariably improves results.


Proven Results

Check out some of our previous work to see how we work.



FAQs About our Multilingual Content and SEO Services



What is multilingual SEO?
Multilingual SEO involves doing all things SEO in different languages – this means keyword research, content development, link building, outreach, and promotion.
What makes for good multilingual content production? 
It’s important to have strict guidelines for content creation, to ensure that all content meets the right standards. It’s moreover good to have thorough proofreading checks, to maintain quality.
Why does content marketing matter?
It matters because if you want people to reach your website, interact with it and then get in touch with you, you need more than just a few lines of descriptive text. Having a bare website nowadays, since everyone is almost used to having high quality experiences, even gives off negative signals.
How can multilingual content marketing improve sales?
Having good content helps boost performance in SEO and Adwords, and provides a good user experience which will help to convince people to choose your company for your product or service. Doing this in multiple languages can mean sales from many different countries.