Purpose-Driven Organisations

Purpose-Driven Organisations

Major seriousness alert! So the planet is literally dying and we are a little bit stuck in motion. Most of us (particularly in marketing) spend a large part of our time clickity-clackiting on our computer screens to generate more clicks and without a real sense of where those clicks are taking us. While there is huge potential to direct our human energy towards stopping the stopping the planet from expiring. And that’s just one angle on what actually is happening right now, one story among the many. There is a huge amount of suffering around the world. And countless things we can do better.

We’d like to help us move to more than this! More depth, more compassion, more right action. That’s why we want to work with organisations with purpose. A purpose that is driven from the guts and leads to a better tomorrow.


Who do we want to work with?

Any organisation that at least senses the need for a deeper purpose, a deeper meaning. You could be an NGO, social enterprises, charitiy. You could be a commercial business looking for something other than just grinding the wheels of profit. We want to work together with people who are trying to change the world for the better, in any small way they can.

What assets can we bring to the table?

We like to think of what we bring under a few categories: visibility, time, money-fuel, purpose.


  • Visibility

Our primary skillset is in marketing. Marketing is usually a practice of finding markets and selling to those markets. Under our philosophy we see the marketing skills that we have as a bag of tools that help increase visibility for the things we choose to make visible. While there are a lot of things wrong with the way marketing works, we see the issue more as a problem with the overall rationale or ways of thinking in business, rather than the marketing tools themselves. There are tonnes of marketing techniques which are useful to communicate to people what really matters, and it requires skill and knowledge to use these. It also requires compassion and judgement to use them responsibly. To get a sense of the kinds of marketing techniques we use, see our services.

  • Time

Quite often organisations nowadays are bogged down by the menial tasks required to make things function. Answering email alone takes so much time, but also head-space. We see freeing up time as a huge necessity of purpose-driven organisations, so that that time and energy can be spent acting from the heart and really helping people. And this is indeed not just a question of time as something measured by a clock. It’s a matter of freeing mental energy that is being drained from having to attend to too many things – like email, bills, invoices, meetings, tasks, etc. For this we have the remedies of marketing automation, organisation and clarity. We offer advice and support on how to outsource menial tasks to robots, where it’s suitable. If that’s covered then organising how you work is key – sometimes there are small changes in things like project management, organising relationships or processes that can have huge effects. But king in this realm is clarity. Clarity on why I am doing the things I’m doing. Where am I acting where I should be listening? How is my mind creating more work than needed. Understanding this can move mountains and is so needed in today’s organisations.

  • Money-Fuel

Money-fuel! What the hell is that you ask! Well… it’s money. But we call it money-fuel because we want to be clear that we deal with money not as something to be hoarded, but as fuel to move things along where they need to go. So if you’re in an organisation that has great soul and does great things, but the money engine is tottering along, then maybe it’s time to fill it up a bit. Being in a car that’s almost about to grind to a halt is stressful and can put a lot of undue pressure on the people riding in the car. Again, marketing has something to bring here, and having a responsible approach to bringing more money-fuel to your organisation can help things flourish much easier.

  • Purpose

Purpose for us is the guiding energy for any endeavour. It’s the why behind movement. Why are we really doing what we’re doing? But like a really deep why. Like really, really why are we doing this? If the answer doesn’t come from your heart or guts then you’re not digging deep enough. And if you start to cringe then good – that’s a signpost on the way to something actually genuine. A lot of NGOs and social enterprises have a keen sense of this, and that’s great. But there are tonnes of businesses that have completely lost this, instead replacing it with a drive for more money. But purpose is on a lot of business owners’ tongues, even if they don’t yet know how to realise it. And we want to take that impulse and bring it to life. Show how it can be genuinely brought into business while still caring for financial prosperity. But purpose is something that changes too, and sometimes social organisations need a refresh too. We work with awareness-based practices to get to the root of your organisation’s reason for being, and bring it up and into the world. Acting from this place is deeply meaningful, and something that the whole business rallies around.

The Approach

What we really want to do is bring a new approach to the marketing field. We’re done with mindless optimising for clicks and conversions. We’re done with shady practices that leave people feeling used and alienated. We go into a bit more detail about this more purpose-based marketing here and about purpose-driven content here. But a large part of what we do is based on broadening what it means to do a good job from “How many clicks did we get??!!@!” to “How did we do on the 4 P’s?”

Our 4 Little P’s

There are P’s all over the place right now! Needless to say “P” has become one of the most important letters to date. Possibly THE most important letter. Anyhow, our 4 P’s look like the following.


  • Purpose

Right at the top we have the one and only… purpose! For us, this one is primary because if we’re tapping into purpose well, then the energy we have as an organisation is much larger. The big picture is clear, and if that big vision sits clearly in front of everyone in the organisation, then the rest of the elements will fall into place around it. They need to.

  • People

These are all of the people your organisation is involved with. Are we managing to help the people who are involved in our purpose? Help could be defined in a number of ways depending on the purpose but could be things like: healing; feeding; educating; developing; putting roofs over heads. This applies not just to people “out there” or “over there”, but also to the people at your doorstep. Are my employees happy and healthy? Are we connected to the community where we’re based?

  • Planet

Genuinely. Really genuinely, how are we helping the planet above and beyond the status quo? How are we helping mitigate climate change and stop the general destruction of the earth? It’s time to bake this into everything we do, and to really measure it.

  • Prosperity

Money has gone and gotten itself a bit of a bad little reputation. Some people find it difficult to marry the idea of turning a profit and making positive change. But we’d like to help people walk this tricky tightrope and set financial prosperity as a great outcome alongside the others. The fact is that wealth is good, so long as it’s not exploitative, excessive or too unevenly distributed. It’s the wealth that will fuel the energy of your organisation to do more and to help more.

Have a conversation with us

We’re really looking to work with anyone who wants to make genuine change, so if this calls to you then please reach out to us. Let’s have a conversation. If you’d like to read a bit more about our approach, have a little gander here.