Free 10-Point SEO Audit

Our team will prepare your free website audit, and send your SEO report in no time.

What is our free SEO audit?


In SEO, because there are so many potential areas for improvement, it’s a good idea to plan properly and to prioritise. That’s why we offer a free website audit that narrows down the tasks to be completed on your website to the 10 most important. What you end up with is a free SEO report that provides the issues your website has, some examples of pages that have these issues, and recommendations on how to fix these issues. 

Why is it free?


There are a few reasons why we offer a free SEO check. Firstly, we find it a good way to get across the quality of our work. We give the SEO analysis out for free, and you see the standards that we adhere to. Secondly, it’s a way of getting everyone on the same page. We already tell you some of the issues that we see with your website, which allows you to see the kinds of things we will look at when doing SEO analysis. If the items that we talk about in the free SEO audit don’t seem like what you’re interested in improving, then no problem. It’s good that we saw this clearly before we set up any arrangement. Lastly, we are in the habit of helping out. We find giving out freely helps build relationships and mutual partnerships.

What Goes into our Free SEO Audit?

Most of the time it will include a mix of technical aspects, on-page aspects and off-page, though not always.This is because most sites need improvement in all areas, though this is not necessarily always the case. The free SEO check is not as in-depth as our full SEO audit though it is high quality, and provides some good areas to look into as a start.

An example of our free SEO Audit

Here is an example of the free SEO report that we provide to you. The figures are deliberately inaccurate in this report – it only serves as an example of how the report looks. Click on the pdf below to view!


Oneiricsearch.com_10 Point SEO Audit.pdf
An Example: 

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